Oil and Gas Sector Energy Transitions Nexus International University, Kampala

6 Weeks


Oil and Gas Sector Energy Transitions

Energy systems around the world are undergoing enormous change. The focus on climate change and sustainability is driving a massive transformation in the energy industry. The change to the increased use of renewables and the reduced use of fossil fuels is commonly termed Energy Transition. The historic fleet of coal and natural gas generation is rapidly being replaced by renewable generation and as the penetration of renewables increases, the need for energy storage has followed. Wind and solar power, hydrogen plus new usage patterns and market mechanisms are potential game-changers. Leaders in oil and gas are transforming how they operate to anticipate innovative forms of upstream energy, government regulation, energy transition, and digital disruption. Most companies are enhancing strategies to support energy efficiency, emissions reduction, decarbonization, methane intensity targets, and water conservation. Disclosing climate-related risks, regulations, emissions targets, carbon pricing, investment and financial pressures, and demand destruction require a competitive approach to asset operations. This course will explore the latest thought leadership on oil and gas in terms of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Specifically, participants will understand the complexity and interactions in the energy system and be capable of developing a vision for the future of the energy transition. Six modules would be taught in this course.


  • Oil and Gas Sector Energy Transitions

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