Water Catchment Management Nexus International University, Kampala

6 Weeks


Catchment management is vital to water use...

Water resources are under increasing stress from growing populations, intensification of agriculture, and climate change. Catchment management is vital to water use permitting, setting allocation limits, defining permissible loads and environmental impacts, and making water-sharing strategies. To achieve holistic integrated catchment management, water managers and planners must address groundwater and surface water interaction as well as the impact of land use and climate change on water resources. This thematic course will aim to enable participants to address suitable holistic integrated catchment management. The course focuses on the challenges of surface water and groundwater resources management at the catchment scale, as well as managing competing uses and environmental impacts. Catchment hydrology and its implications on water management are discussed. Decision support tools and modelling tools are introduced through examples and project cases. The course is arranged around six modules.


  • Water Catchment Management

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