Sustainable Waste Management Strategies Nexus International University, Kampala

6 Weeks


Sustainable Waste Management Strategies

Waste is one of the leading problems of our time – increasing waste volumes, increasing severity of impact and costs of waste management and the challenge of managing waste in developing countries and emerging markets are causing a dramatic shift in waste management practices. In the 21st century, sustainable waste management is as much about resource management and recovery, as it is about safe and effective disposal. Failure to take action in managing waste has economic, environmental, social as well as health and safety implications, including toxic discharge leading to pollution, increased greenhouse gas emissions, increased frequency of illnesses, and the loss of valuable resources. This course helps participants who either produce waste or handle waste to use information gained to develop a more sustainable and cost-effective way of managing waste in both a local and national context. Participants will learn to use a range of tools to explore opportunities in waste prevention, reuse and recycling; in so doing, reduce management costs and create commercial opportunities.


  • Sustainable Waste Management Strategies

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