Energy, Carbon and Climate Science Nexus International University, Kampala

6 Weeks


Energy, Carbon and Climate Science

Climate change, caused by a sustained trend of global heating, primarily due to human activity, consists of emissions of greenhouse gases (known as GHGs), mostly carbon dioxide. Since the industrial revolution, the fossil fuels that have powered the global economy have also altered the atmosphere and are highly likely to cause climate change that may be difficult and expensive to adapt to. About 85 percent of the energy consumed in modern society comes from fossil fuels. The transport sector – trucks, cars, buses, airplanes, cargo ships, railroads – is overwhelmingly dependent on petroleum. Today, transport of goods and people is responsible for about 19 percent of carbon emissions. This course will examine future climate change in the context of climate history, and then consider various strategies for what might be done to deal with it. The likely impact of continued greenhouse gas emissions will be explored, emphasizing the scientific uncertainties associated with various predictions, and how this can be understood in the context of risk. Six modules would be taught in this course as follows:

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